Off-Season Rates-Shoulder Season

Off-Season Rates
Effective 11/26/2016-3/31/17

Monday - Friday Walk Ride
Regular $27 $39
Seniors 60+/Juniors $25 $32
(after 3:00pm)
$20 $27
Saturday Sunday & Holidays
Regular $35 $47
(after 3:00pm)
$20 $27
**Age 17 & under, must have driver ID to rent cart

Winter Golf Conditions

  • Please observe daily cart traffic rules and follow all signs. Always Cart Path Only on #5, #17 and all par 3’s.
  • No tee markers – Unless directed to a designated tee, please play from any open teeing area.
  • Two cups in greens. Place flagstick on greens in alternate cup.
  • Rest rooms on course are closed for winter.
  • Water coolers are removed from course for winter.
  • Markley Grille is closed Sunday through Wednesday.
  • Snacks and beverages available in pro shop.
  • Please return carts to cart storage facility after play.

Thank you for playing Bella Vista.